"Happy is the man who understands and strives to adopt more and more of what is necessary, useful and salutary."
                                                                                                                                               Sebastian Kneipp

Kneipp therapy on the farm

The life and works of Sebastian Kneipp...

Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821 - 1897) founded a doctrine based on five elements - water, healing plants, healthy eating, outdoor exercise and a balanced life.

These five pillars of health can be experienced and felt perfectly at the farm.

Kneipp on the farm means:

  • being able to walk through the wet grass on a morning, exploring our barefoot path or enjoying bathing your arms in the farm's fountain.
  • The herb garden provides us with a wealth of healing plants.
  • Exercise in the fresh air strengthens the body's defensive mechanisms, increases fitness and improves our awareness of our bodies.
  • Healthy eating that is fresh, wholesome and natural.
  • At natural way of life for body, mind and soul.

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